SKIPFUSION Aero is unique. It incorporates a range of up to 40 progressive jump rope skills blending them with both traditional and modern aerobic exercises.

Aero has the flexibility to be used with or without equipment with minimal space and is a real fat burning and cardio workout testing coordination and aerobic fitness.

Classes can be 30-45 minutes long.

SKIPFUSION Step has all the benefits of a high-intensity cardio workout without putting stress on the joints. It builds strength, burns fat and tests the cardiovascular fitness.

It is a great calorie burner and the only equipment needed is something to step on either in the gym or at home. Stairs, a doorstep or even a pavement curb outside will do (or nothing). Simple, effective and fuses step training with great jump rope skills.

Classes can be 30-45 minutes.

SKIPFUSION Box uses boxing footwork and punching techniques from the amateur boxing world. Using jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercut and bodyshots, it is the perfect exercise program to test balance, coordination and stamina.

This develops punching technique and footwork with jump rope skills. It is a diverse training system using minimal equipment and can be used individually or in pairs with boxing pads and boxing bag drills.

SKIPFUSION Box is an energetic and high-intensity workout. A real test for aerobic capacity and muscular endurance. It is an excellent all-round conditioning system and high calorie burner with massive stress busting benefits.

Classes can be 30-45 minutes.

SKIPFUSION HIIT is high-intensity interval training mixed with jump rope skill training. It is an intense workout alternating short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods.

SKIPFUSION is a complete body conditioning session, is demanding and utilises your own bodyweight in a small space with minimal equipment.

Classes can be 30-45 minutes.

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