A highly versatile, accredited CPD, new group fitness programme fusing more than 40 jump rope skills with traditional styles of fitness, such as aerobics, box, HIIT and step plus other systems soon to be released.



Learn from the comfort of your own home. Train anywhere and anytime. Minimal space required and both low and high intensity workouts to suit all fitness levels.

Join SKIPFUSION and start your training with access to over 250 videos across the masterclasses, designed to take you from bitesize chunks and gradually build up from 1 minute, 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minute classes.


Fitness Instructors + Personal Trainers

SKIPFUSION is an accredited CPD course. Learn and develop your SKIPFUSION skills to be passed onto your clients. We will show you how to enhance One on One training and deliver one of the best training experiences.


Gym Owners

We’re offering these facilities the opportunity to broaden their horizons and offer the SKIPFUSION experience to engage their members, both in the gym, studio class, and at home. Boost retention and offer something new for your members with the SKIPFUSION brand.


Balance . Stamina . CoordinatiON
fusing jump rope with other fitness disciplines,THIS ISN’T YOUR AVERAGE FITNESS PROGRAMME


"This beats anything I have ever done before! It can be frustrating at times when you are learning the skills, but very addictive when you get the hang of it. I love SKIPFUSION Box!"

Clare W, uk

"I thought I was in fairly good physical shape until I met Darren. He soon showed me what fitness really means. Roughly ten years later, plus the occasional loss of humour, I can honestly say that I feel like a different person. I couldn't have done it without Darren. As he would say, and unfortunately I have to agree, he has transformed my life."

Bridget L

"If you want to get or keep fit then you are going to have to commit to it and if you commit Darren will be beside you, encouraging you and helping you reach you goals. More importantly sharing a great number of laughs on the way. He has become a good friend."

Roderick Corrie

"Skip Fusion offers such a variety of disciplines that a workout is never the same-so you never get bored or feel you're in a routine, and always feel motivated to workout. On top of that the massive energy intensity compared to the old aerobic exercises I was doing mean my workouts generate much more calorie burn, and I spend over 80% of my workout time in my highest Heart Rate zones which means my fitness levels are always improving."

Charlie L

"Skipfusion has been of great benefit to me. At first I found it quite challenging but with practise I was able to gain the aerobic rewards. I enjoy the mix of the skipping techniques & so would definitely recommend it to others."

Norma G

"Darren is a hard taskmaster but is driven, positive and motivating. His workouts are challenging but he is encouraging too whatever your fitness level. Darren has helped me gain confidence, improve my stamina and his training sessions has enhanced my metal wellbeing and helped me realise I am capable of a lot more than I realised although it has been hard work."

Alan S

"Working with Darren has been a game changer for me, he was a huge help initially with rehab after a foot op and now helps to motivate me to be as fit as I can be. I am healthier, fitter and stronger now in my mid 60’s than I have ever been. He seems to have just the right approach, vast experience, he is challenging, enthusiastic and kind. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their fitness."

Johanna Lucas

"Skip Fusion is a hard core, energetic and challenging programme. The programme can easily fit around my daily schedule with the 30 minute workouts. Skip fusion has given me confidence, improved my fitness, mental health and increased my stamina. I genuinely look forward to the workouts using a variety of skipping steps together with body strengthening exercises. Who knew you could do so many different things with a skipping rope!"

Alex S

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