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BY MICHELE KING, 23 | 09 | 21

The relationship people have with food will always prove problematic for most.  Whether you aren’t fully aware of what needs to be part of a healthy diet or you do, but choose to push the food boundaries using emotion/stress as a catalyst.

I am a firm believer of how extreme diets/fads can be more detrimental than just plain healthy eating.  Extreme diets can eliminate major food groups that in their own right help to maintain your bodies healthy levels.  There is a reason why there are 5 main food groups.

As well as eliminating food groups, diets are more than often hard to maintain or keep going for any real length of time.  You are not allowing your body to have, what it perhaps needs to function.

  • Here’s a thought…….why not just have a little of everything in normal quantities…..

I was brought up in a household where home cooking was all we had.  Meat, carbohydrate and veg formed a daily meal for me, my parents and my siblings!  Portions were at an acceptable level.  Fancy puddings were saved for the weekend after a roast dinner and we were directed away from sweets and fizzy drinks.  This is not to say we didn’t have some of those ‘naughty’ treats, but they were controlled and monitored.  We hardly ever had takeaways and when we did, it was a celebration (birthday etc)

I now have my own family and am trying to steer my daughter in the ways of healthy eating, starting young is key to allow healthy choices to imbed.

We all enjoy ‘treat days’ –  I have a mild addiction to chocolate, so enjoy that!  My daughter is the same, whilst Hubby enjoys a beer of a Friday/Saturday night!

The key is…it is a treat…during the week we remain healthy, incorporating lots of exercise and fresh air.

I strongly agree that a little bit of everything is ok, remember to hydrate and make a healthy diet a lifestyle not a 2 week fad.

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