Excuses… Excuses…

BY MICHELE KING, 16 | 05 | 21

Finding time for exercise is I think one of the most important routines you can incorporate into your daily life. Exercise has many benefits, in the main for health and well-being.  Whilst its more obvious benefit is weight loss, many have started getting on the exercise bandwagon to boost their well-being and overall fitness goals.  Lets face it….all we really need is a pair of trainers and some open space.

I hear many excuses as to why people choose not to incorporate exercise into their routine….


This is the number one excuse I hear…..’I don’t have time in my day to exercise’.  Surely with effective time management finding 20 – 30 – 45 – 60 minutes of a fitness discipline isn’t too much to ask.  You could get up a little earlier, do something in our lunch break or find some time after work, not forgetting all our free time on the weekends.  Skipfusion / Home Training incorporates 10 – 20 – 30 – 45 minute classes for a range of fitness levels.

It is too expensive

Rubbish!!!!!!  You don’t need to join a gym to achieve either weight loss or improving your fitness level.  Invest in a good pair of trainers, find a programme to suit you and that is all you need…….plus a pinch of determination and drive!  Skipfusion / Home Training can be done using little space in any room (living room, kitchen, porch or garden)

I don’t like running

That’s fine….running isn’t for everyone and it isn’t the only way to get fit.  Choosing a discipline that increases your heart rate for a length of time will do the trick.  Walking, cycling, , skipping, creating workouts using your own body weight (burpees, jumping jacks, etc etc), swimming, team sports….the list goes on.  Skipfusion / Home Training creates programmes for all levels of fitness and keeps it interesting so you don’t get bored!

I hate exercise

Really????…..that is a very bold statement to make!  I can guarantee that whoever uses this excuse hasn’t the first clue about fitness or how many forms of disciplines there are available.  Keeping exercise interesting and varied is key especially if fitness is new to you.  You need to find a discipline that works within your level, is interesting, and overall is something you want to do again and again.

Skipfusion is not only a great fitness tool, but has to be learned and mastered, keeping you on your toes and giving you that sense of achievement when you master a new skill.

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